Have you?

Sensed there was more to life than meets the eye? Encountered something profound but lacked the words to express it? We are not the first! The wisdom tradition in Christianity is centuries old and has tackled many of these issues before. WSCC draws from the works of these masters.  


Evening service

While we don't sit around and sing kumbayah (although that sounds fun too), we do take matters of the Spirit seriously. The Sunday evening worship service is designed to be a 1-hour/week opportunity that changes the other 168 through three key practices: simplicity, contemplation, and rites of passage. 

  • Through contemplation, we are educated, challenged, and hear the stories of others’ profound events; 
  • Through simplicity, we look clearly toward the most important things in life; 
  • Through rites of passage, we move along life's ladder to new seasons of insight and understanding. 

Each of these take place during WSCC's new evening church service. 



The mission of WSCC is to renew Christian spirituality by cultivating a vibrant communal life through contemplation, simplicity, and rites of passage.